#12BeersOfXmas Day Five

Yesterday's post was a bit of a love letter to German brewing so I feel like today I have to show some love to the other legendary brewing country, Belgium. I find that Belgian beer is the bold and brash cousin to the subtleties found in Germany. They certainly both have their place and I'm as much a fan of Belgian beer as I am German.

Today's beer is St Bernardus Christmas Ale from the St Bernardus brewery in Watou, Belgium.

The beer pours a deep brown, with a large fluffy white head that disappears quickly. The aroma is rich and fruity; the taste is initially quite sweet and fruity, before giving way to a dry, spicy and herbal finish. It's a 10% beer that's sitting in my glass, but the drinkability is incredible. There's absolutely no hint of the beer's strength, except for the fact that after taking a sip the cold winter night feels just a little less cold. It's the perfect winter beer. Rich, dark, warming.

I only wish I'd picked up a 750ml bottle instead of a 330ml.

photo of st bernardus beer in a glass next to the bottle