#12BeersOfXmas Day Six

It's Christmas! There was really only one beer I was going to pick from my line-up to feature today, and it's Anchor's yearly Christmas release. A Christmas tradition that I've sadly not really kept up for the last few years.

The beer pours a very dark brown, almost black, with a large light brown head. The aroma is like a sweet coffee, almost mocha like, with a citrusy orange character trying to peek through. The beer tastes quite interesting. When I saw how the beer looked I was expecting a bigger body, but it's light and breezy and going doing very easily indeed. The flavours are quite light as well, there's a bit of chocolate and coffee and a pine/spruce like flavour but none of the heavy roasted notes you'd expect when you look at the beer.

Merry Christmas!

photo of anchor christmas beer in a glass next to the bottle with a christmas tree in the background