#12BeersOfXmas Day Ten

Well we're well and truly on the home stretch now folks!

Tonight I'm featuring a beer from my brewery of the year, Elusive Brewing. They've been knocking it out of the park this year, in very difficult circumstances, putting out an incredible range of beers along the way. From the Nelson Sauvin hopped farmhouse ale Lord Nelson, to the coffee porter Spellbinder, to the west coast IPA Oregon Trail, and all the ones in between, all the Elusive beers I've had this year have been consistently great.

The beer today is Bee Strong, a honey wee heavy. It's a very, very dark brown with a small white head and on the nose there's a deep, toffee-like maltiness accompanied by the aforementioned honey. It's almost identical tasting as it as smelling; rich, luxurious malts with a hint of honey and then a heavenly sweet finish.

A classic wee heavy with a fresh twist and another beer that Elusive can add to their illustrious list from this year.

photo of elusive beer in glass next to can