Beak Brewery - Horses

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The beer I'm drinking today is from Beak, a very highly regarded brewery that I've not had much of a chance to try yet. It's a West Coast IPA, an almost retro style of beer all but completely shunned by a lot of breweries these days.

My tongue is firmly in my cheek for that comment, but there's no denying that it's a style of beer we don't see as much these days. With the success that Elusive have had with Oregon Trail, I hope that spurs a bit of a renaissance and we see more brewers attempting their own versions of this much-loved style.

This one from Beak is an absolute delight. It's a 6% beer that uses Vienna and rye malts along with Centennial, Chinook and Cascade hops.

It's orange-y and grapefruit-y, with the malts providing a solid backbone and a nice little bite of their own. Each sip finishes with a bracing bitterness, inviting you straight back in for another and as a result you find that the 440ml can has disappeared in a matter of minutes.